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Memory Lane

Memories shape you so much as a person. They are the movies that make you cry, how you drink your coffee, the moment you knew you loved someone, and even the last things you see as your life flashes before your eyes in your final moments.

This system aims to help you explore how memories propel stories forward, whether it be in growth, change, or even forgetting them. With 10 archetypes to choose from, a completely customizable spell system and a unique memory modifier, I truly hope this game can be something you play to tell expansive stories filled with growth and vulnerability. 

Below you can find some sample pieces from the book as well as a complete list of archetypes. The full book is still in development and is taking extra time because I am completing all of the writing, art and layout myself. It is truly a passion project; one I have loved for the almost year and a half I have been working on it. I am so excited to share it when the time comes.

The Kickstarter will be live in late 2024.



Out of the ten archetypes this game uses, none of them dictate which player is the "tank", "healer" or any other well-known trope. Because of their customization, any choice could be used in so many new and exciting ways. Below you can find the names of all of the archetypes as well as their descriptors. There will be previews of two archetypes out in the coming weeks in preparation for the entire book's release.

The Fury fights.
The Entertainer performs.
The Divine believes.
The Reaper makes friends with death.
The Nature Child makes friends with life.
The Creator makes new things.
The Trickster takes old things.

The Hivemaster leads the charge.
The Starlight knows the world.
The Seeker looks for answers.


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