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Homebrews & Homebodies

Homebrews & Homebodies was founded in August of 2021 with my best friend in her apartment when I was visiting for a long weekend. I had fallen in love with the world of tabletop before I even had a regular table to sit at for a game, but I was determined to find one. Kiley invited me to join hers, filled with theatre friends, and I accepted. That was four months prior to our first talks about a Twitch channel, a name, and a long list of what we would need to teach ourselves in order to be live on the internet, not to even think about what success would look like to us. Now, we are both producers for every show Homebrews & Homebodies puts together, including all of our actual plays, our talk show, Crit Talk, and our gaming shows, Let's Play and Escaping Reality.

As a producer for our shows, I am responsible for scheduling all of our cast members as well as any additional crew we have for each show, helping with all of the graphics and media used for the show itself including any advertising such as social media, working with any of our finances in relation to tools and software we use and resource procurement for new systems and other items cast and crew may need. I also work with my partner to make sure everything is cohesive, and our latest expansion comes with adding interactive elements to our streams, making sure they are engaging with our viewers and are things that are fun for everyone involved. For some of our shows, including Into the Darkroom, Carbe Diem, and Everyone's Forgotten I am also responsible for narrative design.

For the following shows, click the photo to be taken to where you can check out one of our vidoes.

Latest Tabletop Streaming Projects 

CelleC Games & Black Banshee Studios

During my time at CelleC Games & Black Banshee Studios, I was lucky enough to hold the roles of Studio Manager as well as Creative Director and Lead Artist across multiple projects. Working with an entirely student populated team was an amazing environment to work and learn in. The three images were my biggest projects while I was there, and their information can be found below as well as links to download them. The full list of games I worked on can be found at the bottom of this page.


Payload allows you to hack into the retro-futuristic world where the US has become corrupt, with megacorporation's deciding the fate of each citizen! A 3D isometric puzzle-oriented game played on a cube. Its striking graphics and gripping narrative offer a noteworthy experience. It won the 2021 Siege Award for "Best Student Made Game". For this game, I acted as the Studio Manager, helping to organize the needs of the teams as a whole and helped to keep everything on schedule for production. I was also the Lead Artist on this project, ensuring timely submissions and working with others to create a cohesive game that used visuals in compelling ways. 

The Loneliest Artist

The Loneliest Artist follows Charlie, a young woman who deals with generalized anxiety disorder. She is dealing with her brother, Michael, leaving for the military all while battling her own thoughts. Through puzzles and paintings, she navigates her mental health and learns how to cope. All information in this game is based on the experiences of myself and others on the development team. It is in no way meant to replace professional advice, but we do hope it may encourage some to get the help they may need. For this game I acted as Creative Director, overseeing all aspects of the game and making all definitive decisions, as well as working in art and as the Studio Manager at the time as well. This was my biggest project and from the time of the initial pitch to the game's release I was able to learn so much. 

The Hopper Series

The Hopper Series includes Color Hopper, Shape Hopper, Space Hopper and Dino Hopper. These are a series of games built for child education to teach them how to identify colors, shapes, planets and dinosaurs. The can be found in app stores for both Apple and Android products. For these games, I acted as Studio Manager and assisted producers with additional tasks. 

Full Video Game List

Payload  -  Steam  - Studio Manager, Lead Artist (2021 Siege Award Winner)

The Loneliest Artist  -  Steam  - Creative Director/Product Owner, Studio Manager, Lead Artist

Color Hopper  -  IOS & Android  -  Studio Manager, Artist

Shape Hopper  -  IOS & Android  -  Studio Manager, Artist

Space Hopper  -  IOS & Android  -  Studio Manager, Lead Artist

Dino Hopper  -  IOS & Android  -  Artist

You Deserve a Seat  -  Steam  -  Studio Manager, Lead Artist

Little Critters  -  IOS & Android  -  Studio Manager, Lead Artist

Quest of Jewels  -  IOS & Android  -  Artist (Zygobot Studios)

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