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The Lantern Light Club follows five unlikely friends after the discovery of a lantern in the middle of the woods that lights at sunset, casting shadows that have a life of their own. We join Harper, Harlie, Jax, Rowan and Micah on the adventure of a lifetime as they navigate love, loss, and learning to exist in a world that holds more than they could have ever imagined.

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We are sad to share the news that "The Lantern Light Club" has come to an end. To say we are sorry is an understatement. Our audience and dedicated fan base deserve a conclusion to this wonderful story. It is our deepest regret that we cannot give it to you. As our apology, we have added an additional section to this site, which you can access below or in the navigation menu. "Through the Years" gives behind the scenes looks into the entire production cycle, from the day "The Lantern Light Club" was a very initial concept to our last day of production.


Thank you for all of your dedication and love that has been given to this story and our team. We will carry the lantern and the lessons Harper, Harlie, Jax, Rowan and Micah taught us every day. We hope you do too. 

- The Lantern Light Club Team

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