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Mallorie (they/she) is a multifaceted creative based in Pittsburgh, PA, with a diverse background in the gaming and entertainment industries. With a lifelong passion for gaming and a background in theater, they are dedicated to creating immersive and engaging actual play experiences.

Mallorie's interest in tabletop gaming began with watching streams of all sorts of tabletop games on Twitch. She became enthralled with the unique storytelling opportunities that tabletop space offered, and over time, developed an extensive knowledge of different systems and genres. While they already had experience as a creative director within the video game industry, they knew designing for tabletop would be a new adventure. Their first thoughts of what would become the basis for Memory Lane came about in July 2021. That quickly led to their first stream with their home table a short month later.


With over two years of experience in streamed tabletop and five years in the gaming industries overall, Mallorie works on a variety of projects that are helping to expand their skillsets in production, design, and performance. So far, they have garnered over 50 credits in the industry, including work with Kobold Press and Beadle & Grimms as a featured performer. You can currently find them as a co-owner and Creative Director of Homebrews & Homebodies as well as the External Producer for Unbalanced Encounters.

If you would like to work with them, you can find a contact form in the navigation bar as well as online at @MoxxieBlue on all social media platforms.

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