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Meet Mallorie

     Mallorie (she/they) is a multifaceted creative based in Pittsburgh, PA, with a diverse background in the gaming and entertainment industries. With a lifelong passion for gaming and a background in theater, she is dedicated to creating immersive and engaging actual play experiences that allow players to explore and shape stories as a group.

     Mallorie's interest in tabletop gaming began as a fan and observer. She became enthralled with the unique storytelling opportunities that tabletop space offered, and over time, she developed an encyclopedic knowledge of different systems and genres. They used that knowledge in the streaming side of tabletop beginning in August of 2021 with the co-creation of Homebrews & Homebodies, a Twitch channel that celebrates the creativity and "home rules" everyone has grown to love in tabletop gaming. As a result, she has become an expert in designing and producing tabletop games, working on a range of projects and garnering over 40 credits in the industry to date, including work with Kobold Press and Beadle & Grimms as a featured performer.


     If you would like to work with them, you can find a contact form in the navigation bar as well as online at @MoxxieBlue on all social media platforms.

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