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Meet mallorie

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Hi! I'm Mallorie. I am a Pittsburgh, PA-based performer, producer, artist and designer specializing in tabletop gaming. I love exploring how to tell stories as a group through actual play experiences. 

I started off in video games working as a Creative Director and Studio Manager. I loved every second, but knew a bigger passion of mine was in tabletop. It was what I binge watched instead of television. I grew an encyclopedic knowledge of different systems and genres while watching some of my favorites tell amazing stories, but the best part was that no two stories would ever be exactly the same. By being an audience member long before I became a professional player, I found a passion in both what I love to see and what I love to play. Combine that with being a huge theatre kid at heart, and I feel like I have found exactly where I am supposed to be. It has been the best journey I could have asked to go on. 

If you need a player or GM at your table, I would love to be a part of your next project! Feel free to send me a message here or on any of my social medias at @MoxxieBlue which are linked at the top of this page!

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