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     The Lantern Light Club was formed unlike most others. There are usually sign ups or maybe some sort of interest form, but all you need for entry here is to light a lantern. Well, actually... it lights for you. 

     One restless, rainy night we found five strangers, all for their own reasons, wandering out into the woods. At the end of this strange path was a lantern, and this lantern held the secrets of Rainhaven in its past, its present, and its future. These five formed The Lantern Light Club.

Harper Hartwell

Harper is the youngest of The Lantern Light Club but was the first to follow the glowing light deep into the Rainhaven woods. Drawn in by the sounds of a ticking clock and a lavender path, the ever curious couldn't resist, and soon realized they were chosen by the lantern to protect their small hometown. Caring, gentle, eager, selfless and willing to do anything for those they care for, their first instinct is always to help. Their story is no different for their small town and all those that dwell there. That's probably why the lantern chose them to lead the way and form the club the night the shadows first came to Rainhaven.

Harlie Hartwell

Harlie only joined The Lantern Light Club after following her little sister into the woods that rainy night. She thought she would only find Harper sneaking away to trouble, but in reality, Harlie found an adventure that as a cautious, logical introvert, she never would have found on her own. Always the academic, she wants to know as much about the lantern - and the creatures that live inside it - as she can. After all this time, she knows there is no scientific explanation to the lantern, the shadows, or anything else that happens in Rainhaven. Strangely, she's okay with that.

Jaxon "Jax" Whitley

Jax moved to Rainhaven the summer before eighth grade. Their parents needed a change of pace from the big city they lived in, but Jax wasn't exactly thrilled. Moving to a small town meant a lot of big changes. A new house, new school, new friends, new self-discovery... Now, they feel at home. All of those changes also brought along Harper, who fell in love with Jax for everything they were and everything they were meant to be. Now that they have found a place to call their own, they take their job in The Lantern Light Club very seriously. Protecting Rainhaven isn't easy, but they feel a huge responsibility to do it. Thankfully, they know they are never alone.

Rowan Collins

Rowan is an enigma to most, but to The Lantern Light Club, she makes perfect sense. Determined and purposeful, yet empathetic to a fault. After an accident in elementary school that caused nerve damage in her hip that led to needing aids to walk, she realized the world was a much more difficult place to navigate than most adults would lead a child to believe. This led to a lifetime of not only questioning what people may insist, but it gave Rowan a cause to fight for - a better world. While she has goals much bigger than her hometown, she understands that sometimes you have to start small. Even if that means somewhere as small as Rainhaven.


Micah Sutton

Micah once hacked into a restaurant's sound system because he doesn't like country music. That should really tell you all you need to know. He is extremely intelligent and what some may call a savant in the world of computers. In his eyes, the world isn't all awful, but systems should definitely be questioned. Because of this, he spent the majority of his life working on projects alone. After all, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. He was adamant about that... until The Lantern Light Club was formed. He took some time to warm up to it, but now even Micah will admit having people alongside you sometimes gives you something to fight for.

Copper Hartwell

It wasn't that Harper and Harlie found Copper, but rather that Copper found them. A few years ago, a small orange kitten wound up on their doorstep, and decided not to leave. Well, unless he is following Harper and Harlie. A mischievous and loveable little guy, he thinks of himself as a protector of the two siblings that take care of him. As such being an indoor cat isn't his favorite, and he regularly finds a way to leave the house.

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