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Game Design

Game design has always been a huge passion of mine. I never thought about truly making it anything more than a small hobby until the pandemic. When everyone was stuck inside, I used that time to get a graduate degree in game design and fulfill an internship as an artist and designer. Now I have switched over from video games to tabletop. Below you can find some information on games I have released. Memory Lane, my biggest project so far, has its own page which can be found in the navigation bar.

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Remember Us

Remember Us is a solo journaling RPG that explores death, grief and tragedy through the lens of an adult coming back to their childhood home. A deck of cards will guide you as you travel from room to room, logging the stories of those who are already gone. With prompts for every card and an optional house building mechanic, no two games will ever be the same.  

Remember Us Together

Remember Us Together is the second in the Remember Us series. In this game, you explore the small town you grew up in, following the memories of loss in other ways outside of death including broken hearts, the words that can't be taken back, and the friendships that weren't valued until they were gone. This book comes with a new setting, new tables, a way to play with two storytellers instead of solo, and more.


Sonder follows 4-8 people on one particular day. You can choose whether April 22nd is completely ordinary or if it will be one for the history books, but no matter what, it will be the day you feel sonder. Play as individuals going about your day, weaving together the stories of the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. 

I've Buried More Than Bodies

Coming Soon!

I've Buried More Than Bodies is a game for two that is focusing on love between people that have bonded over their similar surroundings in death. After years of friendship, it is time to sit down and have the conversation you have both been side stepping for much too long. Following prompts from a deck of cards, explore feelings and vulnerabilities through love and death until true feelings finally come to the surface.

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